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On, On, and Onwards

I am in love with light but do not fear the dark;
If I don’t regret sin, I don’t boast of sinning either.
Yesterday a seed, today a flower, tomorrow I’ll turn to dust;
I am a gust of wind blowing over the desert garden –
Now, a breeze, now rain, at times I sear in flames,
But I move ever onwards –
I’ll be lost if I stand still

If I chance upon flowers, I fill my lap with fragrance
And I spread it all over, smiling and cheering;
If I chance upon a world of colors, I become a rainbow;
In parti-colored glory, I dance like a white candle.
In the house of revelry, when I find the cupbearer,
I become a mad ecstasy, unfolding in dreams.
If the world grows dark, bringing fire, lightning, and curse,
I am a Puhktoon mountain of courage, intrepid and unyielding;
And in times of mourning, I sit by the wise
Laughing at them,
And laughing at myself
I’m maddened with cares, and tired of searching
Is that not what I’m here for? I don’t understand –
But on, on, and onwards I go, ever onwards,
Toward a destiny I will one day reach;
And whatever comes on the way, night or day,

I revel in light
But do not fear the dark.

Translated from Pashto by Taimur Khan

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