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Moonbeam’s Silence
When silence is overcome by love, it turns into a song,
When a song becomes obstinate it turns into noise,
When a thought is sure of itself it turns into a word,
When a word feels like dancing it turns into music,
And when music goes a-dreaming it turns into silence,
Silence is the beginning. Silence the end

Fate may be likened to the keys on a musical instrument:
They arrest the ‘hum’ of a string and give it variety, life, form and feeling,
Like the crystal that takes the white light of the sun and
breaks it into myriad shades and colours.
Life without fate is like a sound without notes –
Monotony is eternity,

Wisdom and Love
Wisdom can travel only two steps
Beyond it, it is lost in wonder
In beauty is that proof of your being
That brightens the eyes of the heart
Where are you – How are you – Where is your abode
Here your story becomes complicated
Otherwise, however difficult a problem
With quiet thought it is slowly solved
Wisdom, and proof and thought and imagination
Build the strong Fort of trust.
The clean sweet water of hope
Makes the path of life go through flowers.
In every thing there is design and balance and count
Shape and colour and strength and function
The hand of the master is clearly visible
In every atom of the universe
Everything is held in a balance
Created and designed with thought.
The stars, the sun and light and air
Everyone is held in his hand
That is all the journey the mind can travel
All its tricks and logic and craft and wisdom
But if you want a doll to amuse and divert you
Then there is the dome, and here the pulpit.
Thought and beauty, the beloved and “khumar”
Can recreate a ruined world
Wisdom – a prisoner in “limit” and “balance”
Beyond it, it is lost and wonders.

In the hand of the Saki are wines One of laughter one of tears.
I am holding an Empty cup Hoping for your generosity
0 Saki give me which ever you like But give it to me with a smile
1 am a madman and care nothing For tears or laughter
But, Oh, please don’t send me away thirsty From the win chouse of your love

Notes: All these poems are from the works of Lewanae Falsafi. You have never heard of him. Neither have most of the Pathans. He is a young Pathan poet who has published nothing though he has written much.

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